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Overheard in New York October 18, 2007

Posted by Jae in Body Image, Jerks.
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(Note: This should have been posted several days ago, but I have been lazy for reasons which I hope to blog about soon.)

The other night as I was leaving a concert I happened to overhear the conversation of two men behind me. At first they were talking about nothing especially interesting, the concert, a story about their friends, etc. But a suddenly one of them pipes up:

“Dude, that’s the girl I’m talking about right there…that girl needs to lose like ten pounds.”

The girl he was talking about was about 5’7″ and weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 120lbs. I had already noticed her, probably because I was a little jealous; she was beautiful.

The man making the comment was an idiot, and probably jealous himself as she was walking arm and arm with her boyfriend, but my heart still sank. What kind of world are we living in? Perhaps I’m naive for never having noticed this before, but I always assumed that these kinds of criticisms were exclusive to me aka The Only Person Who Deserved It. I never imagined that even a tall, thin, blond in a sparkly silver top was not immune from the judgment of these jerks.

I remember one time several years ago I was on vacation. It was my first trip after having lost a good bit of weight due to starvation and dieting. I was walking back to my room after having spent an hour in the hotel fitness center, and I passed a couple of kids in the hallway. After I was out of sight, but not out of ear shot, one of the boys said: “Wow, that’s the fattest girl I’ve ever seen.” This destroyed me. I remember scribbling notes in my journal, crying, begging God to tell me when it would be enough. I had lost fifty pounds and it still wasn’t enough to protect me from these hateful morons.

Now it just makes me angry. Who was this man to act like this beautiful girl was worthless because she didn’t meet his own personal height/weight requirements? I only wish I possessed the courage to turn around and ask him that instead of just blogging about it.

I guess I can take some small solace in the response of his friend who said, “I don’t know about that; she’s pretty thin as it is.”

It wasn’t exactly the same as saying “Shut the hell up you jackass,” but it’ll have to do, for now anyway.



1. jamboree - February 13, 2008

Jackass is right. And really, what difference would 10 pounds make? Not much. Dude needs to shut his mouth.

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[…] may chuckle about it now, but at the time, I was dead serious.  The one time I did try to use a gym, I was called out for being fat, so it stood to reason that the only way to avoid the shame I felt then was to avoid letting anyone […]

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